Audience Insight & Maximum ROI with Private Marketplaces: Webinar


Programmatic is quickly becoming the new standard in display advertising. According to a new IAB Programmatic Revenue Report, programmatic buying and selling of display ads generated $10.1 billion in 2014 — 20% of last year’s overall internet advertising revenues.

Although almost 70% of that revenue was generated by open auctions, IAB reports an expected shift towards private marketplaces — invitation-only marketplaces where premium publishers make their inventory available to a select group of buyers. Private marketplaces enable advertisers and DSPs to access a publisher’s inventory at preferred terms with more transparency and a higher priority level than open exchange.

Last week, YP hosted a webinar with Nicole Scaglione, Director of Buyer Development at OpenX and Luke Edson, SVP of National Markets, to discuss how private marketplaces can give advertisers valuable audience insight and deliver maximum ROI. The webinar also dives into deal types, customization and the keys to success. Watch now.

Looking for more insight into how to connect with your audience?  Register now for our upcoming webinar with Havas’ Rob Griffin and YP’s Luke Edson as they continue the discussion on the zigzag consumer journey and what brands can do to link search, mobile and display advertising to drive sales results. August 12 @ 1pm.


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