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Mobile and local search are playing an increasingly, albeit complex role in the search marketing landscape. With consumers relying more and more on multiple devices and apps to research and make transactions on the go, mobile search has not only become a fast-growing marketing channel, but also a highly valuable one to both consumers and brands alike. According to eMarketer,* 78% of searches on mobile phones for local products and services result in a local purchase.

Earlier this year, we launched ypSearch MarketplaceSM to take full advantage of this trend – creating a new way for advertisers to tap into pure local search traffic. Now, building off of the initial success we’ve seen with the platform, we’re excited to share a few key insights and updates:

• Key Categories: Among the thousands of local search campaigns we’ve managed thus far, categories like “home services” and “business and professional services” have repeatedly surfaced as top local search queries, creating quality inventory and solid use cases for this kind of local search marketplace platform.

• Simplified Campaign Management: We’ve now made it faster and easier for advertisers to manage their campaigns in real-time.

ypSM screenshot

• Campaign Management Platform Integration: We recently teamed up with Acquisio to help brands and media buyers easily reach valuable local audiences, all within the existing Acquisio platform. This move makes YP’s local search inventory available to all U.S.-based Acquisio customers. This is an important first step in growing YP’s footprint across other platforms in the future.

YP is committed to developing, implementing, and evolving the best local search technologies and platforms in order to continually deliver on our mission of connecting local businesses with local consumers. Learn more here about how your business can benefit from ypSearch Marketplace.

*eMarketer U.S. Spending forecast Q2 July 2014


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