Download – Location-Based Mobile Advertising Insights Report

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YP℠ takes location data quality very seriously.

One of the benefits of location-based targeting is the increased relevance of ads to consumers. That relevance is dependent on accurate data.

YP’s Mobile Labs team has been laser-focused on filtering out bad location data and location-enabled bid requests since before the advent of the iPhone. And as the volume of data has continued to increase exponentially year over year, we’ve constantly been dedicated to providing our customers with access to the best quality location data possible – leveraging it to generate useful insights that enable them to effectively reach their target audiences.

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Download the full Location-Based Mobile Advertising Insights Report to learn more.

But don’t stop there! Check out how we use location, search, and behavioral target data via Enhanced Mobile Targeting – along with a variety of rich media creative formats (live demo) – to help national brands connect with local consumers via their mobile devices, with greater accuracy and proven ROI.

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