Video – Defining “Digital Advertising” in One Word…or More!


​Whenever we’re out and about at conferences and events across the country, we like to ask a bunch of questions and see what people have to say about the trends that are influencing and shaping the future of our industry. What we find, more often than not, is that the responses we get are surprisingly quite varied (it goes to show just how dynamic our industry really is!).

So it didn’t really surprise us when we recently asked conference goers to sum up “digital advertising” in one word, that many of the responses were not exactly consistent. Add to that the fact that many of the respondents couldn’t limit themselves to a single word. Of course, there were some similar threads of thought throughout, but the differences are truly indicative of the ever-evolving nature of digital advertising and the industry as a whole.

Check out our latest “Man on the Street” video below to see what people had to say about digital advertising. After you’ve watched, don’t hesitate to share this post along with your very own one-word response to keep the conversation going.

One Word from YP National Marketing on Vimeo.

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