Search Marketing Influencer Series – Mike Kujanek

Search Marketing Influencer Series – Mike Kujanek

Mike Kujanek is co-founder and Senior Vice President, Managing Director of, offering industry-leading expertise in paid search, SEO, mobile, and display media.

On establishing the right channel mix for your search campaigns…
It’s a mistake, in my opinion, when larger, often “silo’d” brand marketing teams determine that a Facebook (or similar) display advertising prospecting campaign is a “fail” based on its own discreet performance alone.

Even though it’s tempting for brands to focus most of their attention (and budgets) uniquely on the channels that appear to perform the best in the lower part of the funnel – measuring actions like last-click activity – this can unnecessarily inhibit brands from achieving greater online presence and improved campaign results in the long term. In order for brands to get the most out of their advertising investments, they really need to consider tapping into additional demand generators at the upper end of the funnel, such as broader search terms and categories.

That being said, it’s really a matter of honing in on the right channel mix, effectively using  a combination of push and pull media to generate and capture demand. In the end, this allows brands to achieve more scalable performance goals. Finding the right mix ultimately comes down to identifying and deploying the right reporting and attribution solutions to make it possible to achieve those goals.

How do you help clients broaden their channel focus?
We do that through cross-channel insights – pushing them hard and selling them through. They are the key to success in an integrated digital program. For example, we’ve seen great response in measuring cross-channel impact when we pair brand search with broadcast TV and social look-a-likes. These results help illustrate that an effective media mix means integrating various channels strategically. In other words, creating a robust pipeline that focuses on planned user touch points that help drive and capture greater demand for the brand.

You mentioned supporting robust attribution solutions when combining search with display or other parts of the media mix. How does one minimize the unattributed?
Multiple campaign elements cause attribution challenges, such as missing cookie or server signal data, the rise of ad blocking, and so on. In addition, one of the biggest challenges we regularly face is effectively following a single individual across multiple platforms or devices. The byproduct of any or all of these campaign obstacles is a fairly significant amount of unattributed traffic.

For this reason, brands should realistically expect approximately 10-20% of their program to go unattributed. There are, however, some great solutions available today to work around this. As a starting point, to minimize unattributed activity, brands must first resolve any channel-specific issues currently at play; second, shift from cookie- to server signal-based tracking (i.e.; and, third, utilize cross-device solutions offered by the likes of YP or Tapad.

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