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Did you know that your smart phone could potentially save your life? Maybe that sounds a bit dramatic or far-fetched for anyone’s liking, but the reality of the matter is that some of the actions you take with your smart phone – as it relates to local mobile advertising, for example – are fundamentally shaping and shifting consumer behavior (in a big way!).

We recently teamed up with our friends at ADWEEK to create the “Search Advertiser’s Survival Guide” – a fun and insightful deep dive into why local mobile advertising is having such a huge impact today. It’s full of quirky scenarios – first dates, margarita parties, a road trip across the country on a 15-year-old tour bus, just for starters – where local mobile advertising actually “saves” the day. Equally, and potentially even more importantly, these scenarios demonstrate how it also opens the flood gates for national brands with a local footprint to tap into new revenue streams, many of which they may have never considered before.

Search Advertiser's Survival Guide - First Date

In fact, as we’ve looked more closely at our search data, we found that 77 percent of users who initiated searches on YP typically contact a retailer within 24 hours of making that search and66 percent actually take action by purchasing the product or service they were searching for. Those numbers alone – and many more insightful stats that we’ve woven into the “Survival Guide” – make it pretty evident that local mobile advertising has the unique power constrain the proverbial “purchase funnel.”

Download the “Search Advertiser’s Survival Guide” today and learn how local mobile advertising can save the day for your brand and your customers.

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