Video – Mobile’s Role in Local Search


One of the biggest perks about getting to attend conferences and events around the country is the opportunity it provides to talk one-on-one with many of the movers and shakers of the digital advertising and search industries. We come to them with a lot of questions, prodding on the many trends shaping and influencing the industry today. What we end up with, more often than not, are responses that are surprisingly quite varied, reminding us time and time again just how dynamic and ever-evolving our industry really is!

So when we asked people to talk about mobile’s role in local search, it came as no surprise that they had a lot to say about it. From the need for easy and instant access to information to the trend of hyper-targeted content and advertising (served up in the right place, at the right time) to the many benefits of location-based data to the rise of “micro-moments” and beyond – it’s pretty clear that mobile is playing a massive role in local search today.

Check out our latest “Man on the Street” video below to hear everything that people had to say about mobile’s role in local search. After you’ve watched, don’t hesitate to keep the conversation going by sharing this post and telling us about how you feel mobile is shaping the future of local search.

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