Adapting to the Rising Importance of Mobile Search Marketing

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Smartphone penetration continues to rise in U.S. markets, with 74.9% market share reported by comScore. With so many smartphones on hand, your audience has connectivity almost everywhere they go. 7% of smartphone owners use mobile devices as their only Internet connection, according to Pew Research. Due to the change in Internet usage behaviors, mobile search, particularly local searches, is on the rise. Google reports terms relating to searches “near me” increased 34 times since 2011.

Taking Advantage of Hyper Local Searches
Have physical locations your customers are looking for when they’re out of the home? You don’t want to lose out to competitors if your customers don’t know you exist. The keywords “gourmet food market” may be out of reach of your advertising budget on a national scale, but when you narrow your ad buys to a city or even neighborhood, you leverage the smartphone crowd.

Use the ad space to include your location and phone number. Google found 60% of mobile ad viewers acted on information contained within the ad.

Helping in Purchasing Decisions
Increased mobile search volume is important for all businesses, not just those with local storefronts. 75% of smartphone owners incorporate mobile devices into their shopping process, whether they’re looking up product comparisons in a store or doing research on a product mentioned on the radio or by a friend.

Today’s sales funnel cuts across multiple channels and devices, so understanding where and how your audience shops provides you with useful insights on expanding your marketing campaign’s visibility. Mobile optimized ads and websites play a critical role in attracting the mobile viewer’s attention.

Mobile search volume continues to increase, requiring businesses to shift their search marketing focuses from the desktop and laptop world to a campaign including mobile devices. Reaching consumers through mobile search marketing provides you with another channel for effective advertisement, especially if you operate a local business. Even wholly virtual businesses benefit from mobile search marketing, especially if they target audiences with a heavy reliance on smartphone usage.

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