Video – Trends in Search


​At YP℠, we love listening to what our customers, colleagues, and the industry (as a whole) have to say about all things local. We love the diversity of insights and opinions – especially since they always get our creative juices flowing around all the possibilities that exist within the local marketing space.

So, to round out our latest series of “Man on the Street” interviews, we asked folks who live and breathe marketing, advertising, and search – day in and day out – to tell us a little about the trends they’re starting to see surface around search, in general. Lots of great responses here: from the growing move towards in-app searches to the increasing diversification of search results, from the role of social media in the new search paradigm to the importance of data in improving the relevancy and accuracy of search results – and beyond!

Curious to hear about what everyone we interviewed had to say? Wait no longer. Check out the video below to see what people are predicting to be the biggest search trends as we move into the new year. After you’ve watched, don’t hesitate to keep the conversation going by sharing this post and sharing your own prediction for how search will evolve in the future.

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