Register Today – Webinar: “Mastering the Data that Matters” with Digiday and RocketFuel

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There’s a tremendous amount of data floating about these days. It’s no secret. Though, not all of that data is actually good or useful (at least, not all of the time). Simply stated – not everything that can be counted counts, nor can the information that necessarily counts most to advertisers actually be counted. Oh, the complex joys of big data!

So given this fact that, as an industry today, we have access to more customer data than we even know what to do with, how do we know what bits of data are the best to use when it comes to developing highly targeted display campaigns?

Well, we’ve got some answers for you – but to find out you’ll have to attend our “Mastering the Data that Matters” webinar on Wednesday, February 24, produced by Digiday and featuring speakers from the Mobile Marketing Association, YP℠ Marketing Solutions, and RocketFuel.

YP Marketing Solutions SVP, Luke Edson, will be joined by RocketFuel VP of Analytics, Doug Miller, to discuss how brands and advertisers can more effectively sift through data and determine what works vs. what doesn’t. Moderated by Leo Scullin, VP of Industry Programs at the Mobile Marking Association, we will explore which types of data perform best in each channel ​as well as at each step of the consumer journey, ​and review a few case studies that examine how major brands and agencies are already putting relevant data to work.

All registered attendees will also receive access to our recently released report, “Local Search: Unleashing Opportunities for National Advertisers,” conducted in collaboration with IDC. The report is full of insights about today’s “zigzagging” consumer journey across eight major industries and business categories – a must-have resource for any advertiser making a push into the local marketing space.

So, why wait? Register today and learn how you can tap into the best data to help target, reach, engage, and convert potential customers – and turn them into loyal customers for the long-term.

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