YP℠​ Talks About the New Customer Journey at the iMedia Brand Summit

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​The iMedia Brand Summit kicked off in Amelia Island, Florida over the weekend, bringing together a unique array of senior brand marketing executives, media insiders, and leading industry influencers to discuss pertinent issues rattling the marketing industry today.

The conference theme, “Growing ROI in a Fractured Marketing Landscape,” ​is quite telling about what keeps marketers up at night. From understanding how to maneuver through ​and ​succeed in a multi-channel marketing ecosystem to attempting to keep up with ever-evolving technological innovation, marketers are now being faced with challenges causing them to pivot, shift, and refine their efforts in real-time, more now than ever before. It goes without saying that the conversation at this marketing confab will never have a dull moment!

Topics being discussed range from “how to bust the traditional marketing model” to “the delicate balance between personalization and privacy” to “delivery a consistent message across platforms” – and beyond.

As one of the sponsors of the iMedia Brand Summit, YP℠ had the opportunity to make a sponsored presentation on Monday morning, opening the day of thought leadership with a story about today’s ever so fragmented, “zigzagging” customer journey.

YP’s David Read, Director of National Marketing took to the stage to share insights from our recent research study done in collaboration with IDC. The story is clear: today’s consumer does not shop for products and services in a linear fashion. Quite to the contrary, consumers today are “zigzagging” between devices, platforms, and the online and offline worlds as they make purchase decisions.

YP, iMedia, Customer Journey, Zigzag, brand marketing

Given the conference’s focus on how brands need to learn how to better navigate through a “fractured marketing landscape,” it’s clear why this data-driven story about “zigzagging consumer behavior” would not only be relevant, but resonate at the very core. The new customer journey paints a perfect picture depicting this fractured marketing landscape. This underscores the simple fact that the marketers who not only recognize this behavior, but also adapt their marketing efforts to align to these “zigzagging” consumer habits are those who will better target, reach, engage, and convert potential customers for the long-term.

To learn more about how your brand can get ahead of the “zigzag” curve (across eight different industries and business categories), feel free to download the full report entitled, “Local Search: Unleashing Opportunities for National Advertisers.”

And if you’re ready to taking your local marketing efforts to the next level, YP can help. Visit YP Marketing Solutions to see how our full suite of marketing products and services help national brands effectively connect with local consumers.


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