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Even though the holiday shopping season may seem like forever ago – especially since many marketers started ramping up their holiday efforts as early as last Summer – it’s never too late to look back and assess what lessons could be learned. And that’s exactly what we aimed to do in the YP Holiday Shopping – 2015 Trends report.

Our primary goal was to take a very close look at foot traffic data in order to paint a clearer picture about when, where, and how people go about their holiday shopping. As was to be expected, there were a good number of spikes in e-commerce sales throughout the shopping season, especially on and around “Cyber Monday,” as well as some notable dips in foot traffic at major brick and mortar retailers. When all of the analysis and number crunching was said and done, one simple fact became abundantly clear: people’s shopping habits have fundamentally changed, rapidly shifting more and more towards the online and mobile shopping space.

Marketers need to take heed. When compared to our foot traffic data from October 2015, we found that foot traffic dropped by 2.3% in November and 5.3% in December across the top 100 U.S. retailers. And given that a number of year-end spend reports suggest that overall holiday retail sales grew by over 3% in 2015, it’s fairly safe to assume that the decrease in foot traffic was made up in spades via online sales. So what does this mean for marketers? And how should they adjust their holiday plans to capture the attention of this digital-leaning customer?

We’re glad you asked. After looking through all this incredible foot traffic data, we thought we’d synthesize it into a little something to think about before marketers near and far start kicking up the dust on their 2016 holiday plans. Here’s where we netted out:

  1. Omni-channel marketing and mobile will drive success in 2016
  2. Luxury retailers benefit from location based mobile re-targeting
  3. Brick and mortar store are still important in the digital age
  4. Location based mobile advertising presents a big opportunity

Those are just the highlights. We don’t want to give it all away here. Download the full report today to learn how you can prepare for the upcoming holiday season. And be sure to visit YP Marketing Solutions to see how our full suite of marketing products and services help national brands effectively connect with local consumers.

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