Replay – “From Store Visits to Audience Insights” Webinar: Top Three Learings

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Mobile marketing is becoming synonymous with data. Brands and businesses are seemingly in the constant pursuit of more data and better data to inform the development of their mobile marketing campaigns. But how do businesses go beyond the numbers and into building solid strategies to effectively target, reach, engage, and convert potential customers?

YP Marketing Solutions℠, a leader in connecting national brands with local consumers, and engagement marketing agency, Ansira recently answered that question on a webinar exploring the intersection between today’s “zigzagging” consumer journey and the role data plays in helping understand how consumers move through the purchase funnel.

Hosted by Adweek, the webinar entitled, “From Store Visits to Audience Insights,” delved into the challenges marketers face when running mobile marketing campaigns, offering solutions on how they can leverage data to improve overall campaign performance as well as positively influence pre-campaign strategy and planning. The hour-long discussion covered a lot of ground – which you can see here on replay –  but here are the top three insights that stood out most:

Mobile has fundamentally changed the new consumer journey

Nearly everyone today carries a smartphone. Its impact on the consumer journey, from initial search to final purchase, has been profound. Long gone are the days of “one search and done.” Now, consumers are “zigzagging” from one device to another, across various digital platforms, and sometimes even bouncing between the online and offline worlds to make important purchase decisions. In fact, according to IDC, 49% of searchers conducted four or more search activities before actually making a purchase.

Understanding the steps consumers now take along their purchase journey with more granularity is worth its weight in gold to marketers. Learning ​how, when, and ​where ​to reach them at various points along that journey is ultimately how marketers will drive success via their mobile marketing campaigns.

YP, local marketing, digital marketing, mobile marketing, marketing solutions, webinar, insights, thought leadership, new consumer journey, zigzagging consumer journey, IDC

Customer personas 

How do you take millions of data points and turn them into actionable insights? It’s easy if you are working with a marketing partner that offers full-stack end-to-end solutions, like YP. The first step in this process will be to look at a combination of location data, search intent, and behavioral data to develop unique customer personas. To start, you may want to look at the locations someone has recently visited to determine places of interest (local gym, morning coffee shop, favorite boutique). This location-based information will help paint a picture of what a specific person’s day-to-day sequence of activities may look like: wake up, catch up on email at home, squeeze in a quick workout at the gym, head to the office, grab lunch and run a few mid-day errands, get a late afternoon caffeine boost, and meet colleagues for dinner at a nearby restaurant.

By having line of sight into this kind of daily behavior, marketers are in a better position to connect with consumers in more contextually relevant ways in real-time. Using the scenario above as an example – when the time calls for an afternoon cup of coffee, why not serve up a coupon to potential customers when they are in the vicinity of a nearby coffeeshop to get more foot traffic in the door? It’s an easy (and smart) way to make a conversion.

YP, local marketing, digital marketing, mobile marketing, marketing solutions, webinar, insights, thought leadership, new consumer journey, zigzagging consumer journey, attribution, conversion

Predictive modeling​

Understanding the consumer journey is more than just about observing a single customer along the path from search to discover to purchase. Quite to the contrary, optimizing for the new “zigzagging” consumer journey  is about examining massive amounts of data obtained from viewing consumer actions (i.e. activities representing specific behaviors) and extracting insights from that data to develop predictive models that can be used in pre-campaign strategy and planning. Not only can this help establish benchmarks for identifying specific outcomes vis-à-vis recurring consumer (mobile) behaviors, but it can also equip marketers with the critical information they need to place the right messages in front of the right consumers at the exact moment when they are ready to make a purchase.

By continuing to hypothesize, test, measure, and optimize for all the variables related to this new consumer journey, brands and businesses – along with their marketing partners – will learn how to get closer to their target consumers. Simply stated, this kind of predictive modeling will help take out the guesswork and begin to close the gap between initial search and final purchase. (Definitely a win-win in terms of marketing ROI!

Feel like you missed out on a great conversation? Replay the webinar here to get some great insights about the power of data as well as how it impacts today’s new customer journey.

To learn more about how you can target, reach, engage, and convert local consumers with precision, visit YP Marketing Solutions today.

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