4 Mobile Marketing Tactics You Should Know About

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With 3.6 billion smartphone users around the world (and growing), mobile has clearly become a big part of daily life. We can pretty much work, search, communicate, stream, and shop from virtually anywhere thanks to our mobile devices. That’s why many businesses have followed in suit by creating mobile-friendly websites, tailored to the on-the-go needs of today’s mobile consumer. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s really so much more to mobile marketing.

Though, studies have shows that up to 40 percent of mobile consumers tend to reject “bad” mobile marketing, oftentimes opting to buy from a competitor as a result of a bad mobile experience. (Even more reason to up the ante on your mobile marketing efforts!) And even though mobile marketing can sometimes seem complex, if you keep your target customer at the heart of your strategy, you’ll be much more likely to get a higher return on your marketing investment.

Keeping this in mind, here are a few things to think about as you make the (necessary) plunge into mobile marketing:

  1. Respond to Customer Behavior by Being Mobile-First

    No matter the size of your business, adopting a mobile-first strategy essentially means taking a customer-first approach to running your business. Make it easy for them to find your business (via search), learn about the products and services you offer, and, if all goes well, make a purchase. It should be a seamless experience across devices and platforms. When consumers are on the go, they want to move from initial search to final transaction quickly. By removing any possible roadblocks in that journey, you are not only in a better position to convert a potential customer into an actual customer, but you also open up the possibility of creating a long-term relationship with them. And that alone is a big part of running a profitable business!

  1. Reward Customers with Coupons and Incentives

    Incorporating coupons and incentives into your mobile marketing tactics is a great and instant way to reward customers for their loyalty. Coupons drive revenue by helping to increase foot traffic, especially if you deliver them when your customers are nearby. They’re also a great way to promote new products and services. And although customers can be wary of new offerings, a coupon provides added incentive to try something new. Just make sure customers can easily redeem them from their mobile devices (remember, that whole thing about reducing roadblocks?). Additionally, you may want to consider offering a check-in discount whenever customers post about your business on social media or share content that you’ve posted yourself. Both tactics are a great way to reward customers while simultaneously boosting your business’s exposure.

  1. Get “Hyperlocal” with Location- and Geo-targeting

    Tying your mobile marketing efforts to a specific location makes it easier to connect with potential customers who are in the vicinity of your business. Beacon technology allows you to reach potential customers near you and share promotional offers that inspire more foot-traffic to your establishment. You can also base promotions and marketing campaigns around local events and festivals to drive even more traffic to your business during peak buying seasons – or whenever you know that the area surrounding your business is likely to be flooded with potential new customers.

  1. Make Text Alerts Personal and Useful

    Incorporating text or SMS messages into your mobile marketing tactics make it easy for potential customers to engage with you quickly and easily. However, only if the messages you send them add value to their lives in some way. Remember, people these days are inundated with communications from brands and businesses of all kinds. Don’t fall prey to using this tactic to push marketing messages only. Rather, use texts to send reminders, confirm appointments, send shipping updates, or share special discounts. Studies have shown that text messages are eight times more effective than email campaigns when it comes to engaging customers on-the-spot, so put that to your advantage and make sure whatever you send provides immediate value.


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