YP’s Derek Zabbia Unveils Audience Cartography at the MMA CEO/CMO Summit

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In the world of digital marketing, data is quickly becoming our most valuable form of currency. Why? Because it tells stories about real  and rapidly evolving consumer behaviors, helping marketers – from Fortune 500 companies to burgeoning startups – better understand what motivates their target audiences as they move along their journey from search to consideration to action (or, in other words, to purchase).

But data alone  isn’t the answer.

In its purest form, data is nothing more than ones and zeroes. It can be quantified, calculated, and packaged in endless ways. But all that slicing and dicing still isn’t enough to help marketers move the needle – at least, in a way that makes a clearly defined measurable impact on their business. This isn’t new news. Jason Uechi from the YP Mobile Labs team has talked about this (at length) before. However, what we’ve said again and again about the opportunity associated with all this data is quite simple: in order to extract meaningful insights and real value, marketers need to dive deeper.

And that’s exactly what YP is helping them do. At this week’s Mobile Media Association CEO/CMO Summit, Derek Zabbia, YP’s Vice President of National Markets, unveiled YP Audience Cartography – a new way to equip national brands with actionable insights around consumer behavior as it relates to online-to-offline attribution.

What is Audience Cartography, you ask? It’s YP’s proprietary process and methodology for delivering both  audience insights based on data gathered from multiple sources  and business and campaign results by helping brands understand, target, reach, engage, and convert consumers better than ever before. Simply stated, it helps brands turn more consumers into paying customers.

Audience Cartography was born out of a need to help national brands overcome the complex challenge associated with a chaotic, data-driven marketplace, one where extracting real, tangible, and actionable insights from data was proving to be more of an uphill battle each day. While no one in the industry would ever claim a shortage of data – because, quite frankly, we’ve got more data at our fingertips than we even know what to do with – there has not been a clean and easy way to connect the dots between multiple data sources.

That is, until now.

But it’s important to note that Audience Cartography does a lot more than simply connect the dots (although it certainly does that). What makes this offering unique and differentiated, however, is that YP’s robust first-party search intent data is at its very core. When we combine that data with location-derived insights, we make it possible to help brands personify data in ways that give all those ones and zeroes meaning  and  life. One could even say that net output of Audience Cartography is just as much an art as it is a science.

Let’s start with the science part of this equation. The insights gleaned from data are  only as good as  the quality of the data marketers have to work with. The Audience Cartography process starts by tapping into multiple, accurate, and discrete data sources – mobile and location inputs, store location mapping, historical user and location information, local search intent signals, and much more – to give marketers a complete, multi-layered view of the data playing field. Then we do something really fun with it. First, we connect the dots within each layer  and  across the layers to create unique “pictures” of consumers and audience segments and then, second, turn those pictures into actionable insights that businesses can use to make their campaigns stronger and, conversely, grow their bottom line day by day.

This is where the art part of the equation gets into full swing. Being able to see all of these data points layered on top of each other makes it possible to more precisely understand the causal relationship between specific behaviors and how they translate into specific actions. It’s these kind of in-depth, multi-variate insights that allow marketers to not only take greater control to ensure the effectiveness of their digital marketing campaigns, but also drive measurable business results.

There’s a lot more that goes into how we do this – and in the coming weeks, we’ll take a closer look on our blog at what makes Audience Cartography tick. In the meantime, feel free to download the Audience Cartography eBook and visit YP Marketing Solutions to learn more about how we help national brands connect with local consumers.


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