Audience Cartography 102: Converting Data to Knowledge

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In the first installment of this blog series, we took a closer look at the various data sources – including our own proprietary search intent data – that make YP’s Audience Cartography process and methodology differentiated in the marketplace. Then we examined how YP layers those data sources on top of each other to build user profiles and audience segments, helping to uncover unique insights about consumer behaviors today with greater accuracy and precision.

Marketers today want (and need) to better understand the ins and outs of the ever-changing consumer journey – in other words, the triggers that move a consumer from search to consideration to purchase (and everything in between). This is precisely where Audience Cartography comes into the picture. But you may still be wondering: how do we take all these data-driven insights and turn them into useful and actionable knowledge for marketers?

Easy answer: we create a full suite of reports aimed at understanding your customers and improving campaign strategy, planning, and optimization, including:

Interactive Click Maps

Data represented by numbers on a spreadsheet are nice. But it’s a lot more useful to be able to zoom in and out on a map to get a general, yet highly accurate sense as to where consumers are interacting with your digital marketing campaigns. It’s an essential tool for improving targeting, extending reach, and optimizing your overall campaign efforts in real-time.

Heat Maps and Demographic Indexes

Our unique heat maps – powered by our robust demographic index data – allow you to understand local audiences with more clarity and get greater insight into the customers who have visited your store. Having this information at your fingertips not only allows you to strengthen your knowledge about local audiences, but it also gives you a data-supported way to refine messaging and targeting in order to increase the relevancy of your digital marketing campaigns.

Store Visit Reports

We’ve devised a scientifically-validated and incredibly accurate methodology for understanding how your digital marketing campaigns can generate a substantial lift in store visits. Coupled with our heat maps, demographic indexes, and other data-driven reports, this information helps marketers boost the relevancy, accuracy, and efficiency of their campaigns – in a big way.

Halo Reports

Who’s to say that a campaign only has an impact on consumer behavior during the run of the campaign itself? Thanks to our Halo Reports we know that a campaign can continue to have a residual effect for up to one month after a campaign has ended. Measuring the full lifecycle of a campaign is the best (and, in our minds, only) way to determine the real ROI associated with your digital marketing efforts. These reports help you see the full, end-to-end picture.

This is just a brief overview of how we take all that data and turn it into actionable knowledge to not only make your digital marketing campaigns more effective, but give you a much deeper understanding as to what motivates your target audiences as they move along their unique paths to purchase. To learn more about these unique reports – and much more – feel free to download the YP Audience Cartography eBook today.

Then be sure to check in soon for the next blog post in this series, “Audience Cartography 103: Converting Knowledge to Action.”

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