Audience Cartography 103: Converting Knowledge To Action

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In the last installment of the YP Audience Cartography blog series, we looked at the ways in which YP transforms all of the data sources at its disposal into a variety of reports that help marketers better understand the behaviors of local audiences. But what we know from our own best practices is that this kind of information is only as good as the action that can be taken against it. Therein lies the benefit of working with a full-stack marketing partner like YP.

So what do we mean by actionable insights? The easy answer is this: any information that allows marketers to improve campaign performance and/or deliver business results.

Today’s consumer journey – or path to purchase – is more complicated than ever. Consumers are “zigzagging” between platforms, devices, and even the online and offline worlds as they move from search to consideration to purchase. What gives YP the competitive edge in this rather frenetic marketplace is that we offer cross-device marketing capabilities that make it possible to place the right ad in front of the right local consumer (across ​any ​device) when they are actively engaged in making a purchase decision.

When you work with a partner like YP, you’ve got the unique opportunity to optimize your campaign strategy well before any marketing dollars are ever spent. Because we know local consumers like no other, we are in a unique position to take our proprietary knowledge and turn it into the kind of action that has a proven track-record of success.

What makes the YP Audience Cartography process and methodology so robust and dynamic is the simple fact that it’s always learning. With every data point we ingest and every campaign we launch on behalf of national brands across the country, we learn something new and unique about today’s ever-changing consumer behavior. Even more important as new technologies and new innovations rapidly continue to change the ways in which consumer engage with brands and businesses – both in-person and across growing digital world.

To learn more about the ins and outs of how we use data-driven insights to help national brands reach local consumers, be sure to download the YP Audience Cartography eBook today. Then be sure to check back in a couple weeks for the final installment in this blog series – “Audience Cartography 104: The Benefit of Working With a Full-Stack Partner.”

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