Audience Cartography 104: The Benefits of Working with a Full-Stack Marketing Solutions Partner

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In the last installment of the YP Audience Cartography blog series, we took a closer look at how a full-stack marketing partner like YP can provide national brands with actionable insights that allow them to optimize campaign performance before any marketing dollars are ever spent. In short, we leverage our knowledge about consumer behavior – vis-à-vis today’s “zigzag” customer journey – to help national brands not only target, reach, engage, and convert local consumers better than ever before, but also drive real and meaningful business results. This is just one of the many benefits of working with a full-stack partner like YP.

But you may be wondering, “What is a full-stack partner?” We’re glad you asked.

The simple definition goes something like this: a full-stack, full-service marketing solutions partner combines DSP (demand-side platform) and DMP (data management platform) solutions under one roof, making it easy for us to help national brands manage digital marketing campaigns every step of the way – from data acquisition for pre-campaign planning to campaign delivery to post-campaign analysis.

It is no secret that there are a lot of DSP and DMP solutions out there. Very rarely, though, do you ever see them both under one roof. That’s really what makes YP so unique – and why the YP Audience Cartography process and methodology is such a powerful, winning solution for national brands with a local footprint.

At YP, we understand just how important it is for national brands to deploy digital marketing campaigns that deliver measurable business results – efficiently. That’s precisely why we built our platform from the ground up with unique YP search intent data, location data, and audience profiles that no other marketing solutions provider can even come close to claiming as their own. Want to learn more? Feel free to download the YP Audience Cartography eBook today.

For everything else, visit YP Marketing Solutions to learn more about how YP can help national brands reach local consumers better than ever before.

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