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What is Audience Cartography?

Audience Cartography is YP’s process and methodology for delivering audience insights based on data gathered from multiple sources including YP’s proprietary 1st party search data. These insights are used to deliver business and campaign results by helping brands understand, target, reach, engage, and convert consumers.

In short, we help turn more consumers into paying customers.

The depth of the data and audience insights we can deliver at the store level is unparalleled in the marketplace.

Our platform was built with location in mind, which is why we are able to provide data that goes beyond merely tracking users but can also be used to develop valuable audience insights.
-Jason Uechi, Director, YP - Mobile Labs

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YP delivered a home run for the client’s campaign with great optimization, superior results, and multi-faceted insights that were useful for future campaigns.
-Courtney Hubbard, Integrated Strategy Director, Ansira

Case Studies


…the insights and data that come with Audience Cartography-driven campaigns can go beyond mobile…
-Joseph Zappa, StreetFight, July 25, 2016

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