Cost Per Store Visit Guarantee

Put Audience Cartography to the test for your next mobile display campaign

Based on YP’s success in driving visits to marketers’ locations, we’re offering this unique Cost per Store Visit Guarantee!

YP℠ guarantees that the average cost per Store Visit generated from a targeted mobile display campaign with YP will meet or exceed our proposed rate, or we’ll continue the campaign at no additional cost until it does.

Mobile Display Campaigns only.

You’ll pay only the regular CPM rate for the original duration of the campaign, and we’ll track associated Store Visits during the campaign flight and the trailing 30 days.

For this offer, a ”Store Visit” is defined as any device shown an impression of your ad that is later tracked in your store location.

Only advertisers in the Auto/Auto Service and Retail verticals are eligible. All mobile ad types accepted, but no delivery guarantees by ad type. All non-location targeting parameters will be set as soft constraints. Creative must use same core offer for all locations.

Monthly minimum is $10,000. Campaign minimum is $50,000. Campaign must launch by 3/31/17. Offer good for US locations only.

Acceptance of campaign is at YP’s discretion. Additional terms & conditions apply. Please consult with your YP representative to see if your campaign may be eligible

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