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Mobile success – down to a science.

Geotargeted mobile display advertising is on the rise and is directly improving campaign outcomes.1 With the launch of Mobile Labs, YP is not simply looking to capitalize on this growing trend, but to push it to new heights and become an industry leader. Our goal is simple: make mobile advertising work better for businesses.

Our Mission

  • Lead innovation utilizing mobile data for commercial success.
  • Design mobile advertising products that produce superior results.
  • Execute highly successful client campaigns.


in U.S. mobile ad revenue2

The Science of Mobile Optimization

Mobile advertising campaigns are executed with the intention of maximizing specific KPIs. Mobile Labs reports and optimizes campaigns on metrics including CTR (where optimized campaigns often exceed 1.0% CTR), Secondary Actions of engagement, and Store Visit Measurement using location data to report retail visits of campaign recipients.

For a new campaign, the initial targeting and bidding strategies are based on models built from historical data for similar campaigns. As we gather data from the new campaign, we continually retrain our targeting models and update our bidding strategies to maximize the performance of the desired metric. Checkout the Campaign Optimization infographic to learn more.

Mobile Data Science for Brands and Agencies

The digital advertising industry is awash in user-level data and marketing of questionable-case studies that purport to inform brands about the best way to guide spending decisions. How does an agency cut through all the clutter? How does an agency make sure that user-level data is being used to the advertiser’s advantage, and that the value is being properly measured?

This is a core competency of our Mobile Labs team – one they have studied and practiced for years. Our skilled data scientists are experts at accurately measuring campaigns. They adeptly filter and translate only the relevant data, allowing brands and agencies to correctly gauge campaign results.

MacroSense® Audience Profiles

MacroSense location-powered behavioral profiles stand alone. Created by the Mobile Labs team who were pioneers working with mobile location data, each of our 150 million profiles have over 1,000 behavioral attributes about where mobile users shop, dine and hang out.

Our real-time bidding technology updates the profile data over 600,000 times daily for extremely accurate targeting of shoppers of specific retailers, QSRs and other desirable audiences. Checkout the MacroSense infographic to learn more.

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