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Mobile phones and tablets have rapidly become ubiquitous in American culture. 85% of people feel that mobile devices are a central part of everyday life, and the average person now spends over 3 hours each day using their smartphone.1 YP utilizes unique location, search, and behavioral data to deliver valuable audience insights to marketers.  These insights can be used to improve the effectiveness of mobile and other media campaigns as well as reach target audiences on mobile devices.

Enhanced Mobile Targeting – powered by Audience Cartography

What is Enhanced Mobile Targeting?

YP uses unique location, search and behavioral targeting to deliver mobile experiences and superior results.

  • 150 million profiles with 1,000 behavioral attributes each
  • Proven ROI with store visit measurement
  • Engaging creative including video, native and rich media formats
  • Superior campaign optimization proven to increase performance.

What is Audience Cartography?

YP takes data about people and places and joins them together to create stories and paint pictures of audiences that are essential to marketers looking to reach, engage and convert their target audiences.

We do this by converging multiple intent signals from multiple sources using:

  • Scalable 1st party proprietary data
  • Experience – history and expertise in mobile location based advertising
  • Full Stack capabilities owned and operated by YP℠

Giving us the ability to deliver unique:

  • Store Visit Reports (at the individual store level)
  • Interactive Click Maps
  • Heat Maps
  • Demographic and Behavioral Insights
  • Location-based Insights

By taking this approach Audience Cartography enables the development of valuable and actionable marketing insights for improved campaign performance and higher ROI for mobile and other media advertising campaigns.

How does Audience Cartography power Enhanced Mobile Targeting?

YP uses the robust, deep, and meaningful audience insights delivered through Audience Cartography to improve campaign planning, targeting, reporting, and optimization for Enhanced Mobile Targeting campaigns, delivering superior performance and results.

Cross Device Retargeting

Breakthrough technology enables YP to seamlessly reach audiences across browsers and devices, making sure your message is the one that sticks.

To learn more, download the Boosting Local Search Results with Cross-Device Retargeting white paper.

  • Industry-leading cross-device accuracy
  • Target audiences by search category
  • Geographic targeting down to the zip code
  • Consumer privacy best practices


Leverage the YP Local Ad Network to reach customers, wherever they are. Only pay when they call your ad.

  • Bid in a transparent marketplace
  • Control program duration and scheduling
  • Target by vertical and geography
  • Call filtering blocks known bad numbers
  • Dedicated campaign and reporting portal

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