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Mobile devices have rapidly become ubiquitous in American culture and time spent on mobile devices continues to grow. 69% of consumer time online is spent in mobile with 60% of that time being in app1. YP℠ utilizes unique location, search, and behavioral data to deliver valuable audience insights to marketers and help them reach the right mobile customers, with the right message, at the right time.

Enhanced Mobile Targeting

YP Brings America’s Largest Ready-to-Buy Audience to the VerveTM Location-Powered Targeting Model.

What is Enhanced Mobile Targeting?

Multiple unique audience sources:

Depending on the client and campaign needs, we can utilize audience data from 4 sources: YP’s 1st party search data, 75 proprietary segments provided via Verve ActivateTM, 3rd party data and client-provided CRM data.

Combines behavioral profiles with real-time optimization:

Our innovative approach to mobile performance marketing delivers impressions when they’re scientifically proven to drive increased action.

Delivers at scale:

Access America’s largest ready-to-buy audience, VerveTM inventory of 35,000 applications with quality location data across broadcast, newspaper, radio and digital properties, and 300 billion monthly impressions.

Provides actionable insight:

Our best-in-class measurement goes beyond standard metrics to track incremental visit rate, store conversion rate and more with Verve MomentumTM .

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Leverage the YPSM Local Ad Network* to reach consumers, wherever they are. Only pay when they call.

*The YPSM Local Ad Network includes more than 100 online and mobile publishers.

  • Bid in a transparent marketplace
  • Control program duration and scheduling
  • Target by vertical and geography
  • Call filtering blocks known bad numbers
  • Dedicated campaign and reporting portal

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