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​The Leader in Local Search Just Reinvented It

Get ready to connect with YP's high-purchase-intent customers like never before. We launched a whole new, industry-standard platform to let you buy local your way, and to optimize results for your national brands.

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Watch how ypSearch Marketplace can help you maximize clicks, calls and conversions by connecting at the local level.

​ypSearch Marketplace Delivers:​

  • The largest local ad platform across web and mobile
  • Keyword-based search advertising
  • CPC bidding with position rankings based on quality score and bid price
  • SEM-based campaign structure
  • Geo-targeting, device targeting, dayparting and other campaign settings
  • Powerful tools for managing your campaigns and analyzing results

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​​At Last, Buy Local on Your Terms​

Just think. Millions of ready-to-buy local customers ready to target in a marketplace that lets you run your search campaigns across web and mobile, using all your favorite tricks, techniques and best practices. Ready to connect at the local level more easily and effectively than ever? Welcome to ypSearch Marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ypSearch Marketplace?

ypSearch Marketplace is designed to be an industry-standard search advertising marketplace that allows you to access both online and mobile YP. It uses bidded keywords and is available on a Cost-Per-Click basis. Campaigns support standard settings such as geo-targeting, dayparting, and device targeting. Its management and reporting capabilities will include tools for managing campaigns and analyzing results.

What Makes ypSearch Marketplace Different from the Other Search Advertising Marketplaces in the Market?

ypSearch Marketplace builds upon one of the largest local ad platforms in the US, reaching 80 million consumers across web & mobile. ypSearch Marketplace is a simple and easy-to-use platform that is comparable to other search engine platforms in the market today. It will allow you to execute CPC search campaigns based on desktop & mobile network buys you are already making on other search engines.

Will ypSearch Marketplace Allow Me to Use Standard Search Targeting?

Yes. Campaigns on ypSearch Marketplace support standard settings for search targeting, including geo-targeting, dayparting, and device targeting.

Is There a Minimum Bid to Launch a Campaign?

Yes. Similar to other search engines in the market, you have to bid at least $0.01 per keyword in order to participate in the marketplace. Ultimately, appearance of your ad on the YP sites depends upon being a high bidder relative to others in the marketplace, among other factors.

If I am Already Running Ads on Other Search Engine Platforms, Can I Use the Same Campaign and Integrate it into ypSearch Marketplace?

ypSearch Marketplace is a simple and easy platform that will allow you to execute CPC search campaigns on desktop & mobile and translate your current Google AdWords campaign into ypSearch Marketplace.

Where Do My Search Ads Appear?

Currently ypSearch Marketplace ads are live on YP.com for both web and mobile.

How Can I Find Out More About the Product and Its Capabilities?

You can contact your YP account representative or fill out the form below, and someone from YP will get in touch with you.

Thank you for your interest in YP.

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